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Gamer anime are a genre of video games. The series typically includes characters from the gaming industry, such as Keita and Aguri who question the value and importance of "big" and "downloadable content" games. Crunchyroll ranked the series fourth in the summer of 2017. The Gamer anime is different from the Shonen Action series. The show's "LN" (light novel) style is a popular genre in Japan.


Clifford Chapin plays the English dub voice for Tasuku Uehara. Toshiyuki Toyonaga is the Japanese voice. This is an unofficial site. All logos and original content are owned by their owners. Gamer anime Tasuku has been translated into over 15 languages. It has been viewed more than 2 million times. It is recommended to anime enthusiasts and viewers who are used to watching animated shows with English subtitles.

The storyline of Gamer anime Tasuku comprises two major plot arcs. In the first, Tasuku and Chiaki meet at an gaming club. They form a friendship but they soon start fighting over trivial gaming subjects. The second plot arc involves the characters' shared dislike of one another and the confusion that follows. As Chiaki and Keita start to get to know each other, Keita chases her down and causes Aguri and Karen to believe that she is after Tasuku.

In the end, the story is a raunchy romantic comedy. The plot is quite standard but there are some twists. The principal characters, Keita and Karen, are both gamers, and are together at the end. However, the story is more about how Tasuku comes to realize his real feelings for Karen than about his own. It's a great romantic comedy for any Gamer anime lover.

The soundtrack is mixed. The opening theme of episode three is a montage of Karen, Aguri, and Chiaki, episode four evokes the theme of video games in the genre and is a play on Tasuku's design dilemma. Although the video game references aren't a major part of the plot however, the characters and video games themselves offer the humor that is needed for the show. It's an enjoyable surprise to discover a show that has such a jovial tone.

Keita and Karen meet in a gaming store. She is in love with him and wants to make him feel happy, but she accidentally kisses him. She then plays a game titled "Love Love Game of Half-Life" together with Aguri and Karen. The game gets awkward due to the distance between them and Tasuku is drawn to her. She eventually splits with her and then she returns to Chiaki, her old friend.

As a gamer, Keito is obsessed with video games. While she is an avid player, she is also a fan of the game. Because of this, she feels pressured to fit in and get the appropriate gamer attire. Additionally, she feels like a complete loser in her relationship with Karen, and Uehara believes that she is cheating on him by dating Karen. She is a snarky and dorky character.


The second episode of Chiaki is a gamer-themed anime where Hajime is an high school student who has an interest in games. Chiaki says to Hajime she is a gamer who enjoys playing, even though she lacks ability. It's her passion that is what drives her. Hajime is also amused that Chiaki doesn't care if she doesn't have any talent in playing games.

At the close of the episode Chiaki's schoolmates are shocked when she collapses at Kizuna Dungeon. Keita takes her to a bench. Later, she learns from her sibling that she was the one to blame for the accident. Keita apologizes after explaining to him that she's too close to him. However, Keita refuses to leave with her and insists she be outside with the other students.

As a result, Chiaki is the main character of the series. She is an Hope's Peak Academy student and is the Class Representative for Class 77B. The AI of the school is named Chiaki Nanami. The collective memory of the students of Chiaki is used to construct Chiaki Nanami's AI. Chiaki is the main character in Danganronpa 2.

Although Hajime doesn't have a past, he still finds it funny when Chiaki begins a relationship with Chiaki. In fact, Chiaki and Hajime end up falling in love in the series. Chiaki's obsession with Hajime is forever bound to the story, making it a classic gamer's anime. After meeting Hajime She realizes that she is in love with Hajime. She isn't certain how she can convey her feelings to him. Chiaki worries about Hajime every day and whispers his name to Hajime during a chaos.

Chiaki is a huge fan of video games, and the computer program. Chiaki is a huge gamer and loves playing a variety of video games. She is a real gamer, and will make a splash at your next party. Chiaki is a gamer-themed anime that will make you want to play every game you can. There are a lot of characters to love in the series.

Chiaki's first episode is a classic anime. Chiaki is a persevering worker. She organizes activities for her group every day, and also assists her classmates when they are in need. Chiaki is very optimistic. She doesn't think much about herself and does most for others. Chiaki's circle of support consists of her classmates. It is not an issue to be kind and considerate especially if you're an avid player.

The next episode of Chiaki is a gamer manga that follows a similar theme. Because Chiaki is a keen gamer, she has a lot of unique characteristics. She is quiet and reserved however she can be quite lively when she wants to talk about her favourite games. Additionally, she is extremely analytical and loves to learn. She is often asking questions when she learns something new. She seems to be unaware that she's playing a video game , and isn't aware of the damage her classroom has caused.


Crunchyroll is streaming the first season of "Misumi is a Gamer" an anime-based series. The series follows Misumi the gamer who is Asuna's close friend in real life. Misumi is a pro-level gamer and is well-known for drawing huge crowds at arcades. Despite the fact that she is one of the best students in school, Asuna is still having difficulty blending in with other girls. Fortunately, Misumi is a great companion to Asuna because she can enjoy playing games with her. they also enjoy laughing at each other's jokes and braid each one another's hair.

Riki Misumi is a minor player in the GAMERS! series. She is the adopted sister of Eiichi Misumi, and has white hair. She is shy and wears an black dress with hair pigtails. Once, a man tried to kidnap her. But she was rescued by her foster family. The show is loved by both women and boys.

Asuna is a typical high school player. One day, she meets Karen Tendou, a student who is the school's idol. She discovers she is a gamer and joins the gaming club to learn the meaning behind gaming. The two eventually become friends , and then rivals in their respective video games. Keita discovers the true meaning and importance of the gamer's lifestyle only after the second season.

Misumi Tozawa was not a part of the original Sword Art Online story. But, she is an important pillar of Asuna in Sword Art Online the Movie- Aria of the Starless Night. Misumi is more than just a fighting video game expert. She has her own personal emotions memories, memories, and physical issues, and she also has a strong relationship with Asuna. Misumi is a gaming anime that is focused on the life of a gamer.
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