Facebook's New Monetization Tools for Gaming

Facebook Gaming is a great way to connect with communities that aren't part of more established gaming networks like Twitch, and it is also great for smaller streamers. For instance, YouTuber Havelock, who has more than 500,000 fans on Facebook took four years to get to 160,000 Twitch followers, however in just a year he had more than 500,000. This is a clear indicator of the increasing potential of Facebook Gaming as an monetization strategy.


Facebook recently introduced costreaming support to gamers. This feature is designed to increase creator discovery and encourage collaboration between them. The new co-streaming feature on Facebook is a great move for gamers since it will enhance the gaming experience for their gamers. Twitch has similar capabilities since the beginning of the year. The new feature is similar in concept to OnLive's multi-view feature, which was launched in 2012.

The feature was previously available only to Twitch Partners. It was also exclusive to the channel's partner program. Facebook now allows any streamer to collaborate with another streamer and allow viewers to switch between them as they play. However the co-streaming option can only be used by four gamers at a time. As Facebook continues to push into the video streaming world co-streaming can improve collaboration and discoverability among gamers, and improve the experience of all users.

Facebook gaming costreaming allows creators to stream alongside up to three other people. The co-streaming process begins when an artist tags another creator back. Co-streaming on Facebook is similar to the 'Squad Stream feature that is available on Twitch. Twitch partners have access to co-streaming, whereas Facebook users can choose to stream in co-streaming with other Facebook users.

While Twitch has been the dominant streaming market for gamers, Facebook Gaming is growing steadily and could eventually compete with Twitch. While Facebook Gaming is not as popular as Twitch, it can still benefit streamers and viewers alike. With the assistance of co-streaming, Facebook gaming creators can boost their visibility and grow their audience. The Facebook Gaming creator community has seen a significant increase in popularity since the launch of co-streaming and it seems that more creators are taking advantage of it to improve their mental health.


To create effective Facebook gaming ads, there are several things to consider. Facebook gaming ads are more visible than traditional ads and can only be seen by those in your local community. This is due to the fact that Facebook's policies on advertising are constantly changing, making it important to make use of the most recent creative. The language you use in your creative and your game's name can be easily considered in violation of Facebook's policy. You could also be barred from using screenshots or the name of your group and include them in your ads. So, it is better to follow the standard procedures to ensure that you have a solid history.

Copywriting is crucial. The copy in your Facebook Gaming Ad is the most important part. When writing copy, it is important to consider the psychological needs of your customers. It is essential to highlight the primary selling point of your product, and keep your customers interested by using clever language. BigSpy is a niche-finder tool that will help you find the most effective creatives that can reach your desired audience. You can also download material to solve any creative problem.

The Facebook gaming ads format will showcase not only the gameplay, but as well the story behind the game. Gameplay is important but so is the art style. Players are more likely to be interested in ads showcasing its characters and high scores. Facebook has also studied the preferences of different countries in regards to ad preferences and discovered that South Korea, Germany, and the U.K have different gaming-related advertising preferences than other countries.

The first week of January is the best time to start Facebook gaming ads. Because ecommerce has cut budgets after the New Year, this is the time when people are more likely to engage in games. This results in a higher revenue per user as well as a lower CPM. However, Facebook game ads have limited duration, and you should aim for a higher value in the short amount of time. Before creating your Facebook game ads, think about the cost of the game and the price range that will ensure it's success.

Monetization options

With Facebook Gaming's growing popularity, Facebook is rolling out new tools for monetization to increase revenue. Stars, previously only available to live streamers and other users, allow users to donate to creators on the platform. Soon they will be available on video-on demand, or VOD, content , too. These tools will have a major impact on the creators of gaming-related content. Below are the latest methods of monetization being tested by Facebook Gaming.

How to get started to create and sell Facebook gaming content, you need to have at minimum 10,000 followers and 50,000 engagements on your posts. You could also think about making money through your YouTube channel by using Facebook gaming. You can earn money betting on the stars of fans who watch your videos. This can allow you to earn more than traditional advertising methods. You'll also have the most flexible options for monetization.

Video-on-demand A: The Facebook Gaming community wants to increase the revenue stream for its creators. Facebook is making it easier for creators to make money through the process of monetization, and you could earn money through advertising or pre-recorded videos as well. If you're hoping to compete with YouTube and Twitch it's worth experimenting with video on demand.

Streaming: Facebook Gaming is gaining popularity as a source of monetization in the face of YouTube and Twitch. Streamlabs and Stream Hatchet report that Facebook has increased its share of the market and doubled the number of hours spent on the platform in the past year, and is growing in popularity among certain sectors of the gaming community. Streamlabs and Level Up are new ways to make money from Facebook Gaming.

Potential for growth

Facebook Gaming has great potential. The platform is optimized for desktop gamers with a smooth flow of content and a pleasing user interface. This makes navigation much simpler however it can be frustrating for those who are playing on smaller screens. Another issue is that Facebook is flooded with ads. Facebook might be looking to reconsider its strategy for Facebook gaming if that is the case. Here are a few pros and cons. If you're skeptical you should give it a shot and see if your perception changes.

Streaming services are getting increasingly popular, and Facebook Gaming is one of them. The platform's growth is directly attributed to its popularity. The audience of Facebook Gaming grew by 108 percent during the pandemic of 2020. By January 2021, the average monthly number of viewers was 527K. It was also the most watched video-streaming platform ever. Although Facebook Gaming isn’t as popular as Twitch yet, it is becoming one of the most popular streaming video platforms.

With its recent launch on Android devices, Facebook Gaming is challenging YouTube Gaming Live for second place in live video game streaming. With the recent incentive offers it may continue to draw smaller-scale streamers. Recent news about Facebook's involvement in the video game streaming space suggests that it may be the ideal choice for small-scale streamers. If these incentives are any indication, the possibilities for Facebook Gaming's growth is immense.

Facebook Gaming has also been growing at a rapid rate over the past year, but is still a relatively small part of the game streaming market. Despite its popularity, Facebook Gaming is only the smallest fraction of YouTube Gaming, but the platform's growth is substantial enough to warrant a closer look. Mixer will be closing its service at the end of this month however Facebook Gaming has a big future ahead of it. This is an important feature for Facebook Gaming as it continues to expand.

According to comScore, Facebook Gaming is increasing the number of new users. In the US alone, 28 million people joined Facebook Gaming in March 2020. The figures for South Korea, UK, and Germany were similar. Facebook Gaming now has over 350 million active users and 630 000 groups. This means that Facebook has a greater audience than YouTube. Its popularity is likely due its free-to play games. The growth of Facebook Gaming has also been boosted by its gaming community on mobile. In Europe, Facebook Gaming has contributed 75% to total number of players for two major mobile games.