What to Look For in a Gaming Keyboard

You've likely heard lots of talk about Durability and backlighting. What does that really mean? What is analog action and N-key rollover? Here are some factors to consider when buying a gaming keyboard. Choose the one that works best for you and your budget! Find out more! You're now ready to shop for the perfect gaming keyboard! Make sure you choose a durable, reliable model.


A majority of gaming keyboards feature RGB backlighting. This lets you adjust the backlight to display any color that is seen by the human eye. These lights can also be customized to the specific key. You can also modify the backlight using the manufacturer's software. This will improve its performance and aesthetics. These settings can be extended to other RGB devices connected to your keyboard. Before making any changes, be sure that you follow the manufacturer's directions.

Gamers who like bright, vibrant light effects will love the latest generation wireless transmitter. It has a five-million brightness life span. The keyboards have backlights that resemble rainbows, which are particularly beneficial if you want to see your characters more clearly. This gaming keyboard comes with variable resolution, which allows you to alter the DPI from 1000 to 1600. This keyboard is ideal for gamers who are new to gaming as it has adjustable DPI.

A backlit keyboard improves your overall game experience. They aren't noticeable in brightly lit rooms and can improve your gaming experience further. Gaming marathons can be made easier when you are able to see the keys. Backlighting is also a fantastic way to improve your productivity. You can also enjoy the benefits of a fully backlit keyboard throughout the night because of all the benefits it can bring to your gaming experience.

The aesthetic appeal of a gaming keyboard is another key feature. A gaming keyboard with backlighting is essential since it can be difficult to type in the dark, especially if you are trying to sleep. Backlit keyboards can illuminate the keys to make it easier to type without looking at the keyboard. This is a huge benefit for gamers and makes gaming more enjoyable for all. It's also a bonus for gamers, and is an important peripheral feature to think about.


A new gaming keyboard can be expensive. Professional gamers spend a lot of money on their gaming equipment and gaming computers. Gaming keyboards of top quality can cost hundreds of dollars. Knowing the lifespan of a gaming keyboard is crucial if you are serious about gaming. If you're unsure of what to look for, here are some things to look out for. Here's a quick guide on gaming keyboard durability.

Keep in mind that gamers use a greater percentage of keys than typists. Gamers place their fingers on the WASD buttons, the first few numerical keys, the space bar or other keyboards. A mechanical keyboard can be more worn than a typed computer keyboard. Gaming keyboards are built to withstand millions of key presses therefore their keypads must be durable enough to last over the long haul.

The lifespan of mechanical switches is another aspect to consider. Most gaming keyboards are built to last for a couple of years, but a membrane keyboard is not likely to last as long as a mechanical keyboard. Additionally certain membrane keyboards may not be very durable. It's probably time to replace your keyboard if it's older than five years. If you're buying a new keyboard, think about the durability of the membrane keys and be sure to read the warranty carefully.

If you're looking to buy a new gaming keyboard, search for one with N-Key Rollover technology. It blocks ghosting and can detect every keystroke. Mechanical switches are more durable than rubber dome switches, and also have a greater point of activation. Even though they cost more the best gaming keyboard can last up to fifteen years. However, if you are not a serious player you can opt for the cheapest model if have enough money.

N-key rollover

You might be wondering what exactly is the N-Key Rollover feature does. Certain keyboards have it, while others do not. It is more likely to be found in keyboards with custom PCBs. To test for NKRO it is necessary to press a certain number of keys. You can increase the number you press while working your way down the list until you reach the desired number. You may need to purchase an additional keyboard if you are unable to locate it.

Some keyboards are equipped with a feature called "N-key rollover." This lets users press multiple keys at once. Ghosting is also prevented from happening, a problem that many gamers and typists have to deal with. The N-Key rollover has its advantages but it's not 100% perfect. There are numerous options to solve this issue. Here are a few. Try one.

Anti-ghosting Certain gaming keyboards come with this feature. These keyboards have switches that will stop users from accidentally pressing the wrong key. In case you accidentally press a key, and proceed to the next, you won't be able to press it again. Anti-ghosting is also helpful for users who use WASD keys for movement. However it can be a problem when using membrane keyboards. Cheap membrane keyboards can cause users to miss a key that's not related to it.

Diodes: When a player holds Shift, the third key will not register on the keyboard as "W" when it's pressed. If a key's mapping isn't to a specific letter it won't show up in the game. This is why diodes can be found in an N-key rollover keyboard. The same is true for key rollover on PC keyboards.

Analog action

If you have played any game using gaming keyboards, you'll know that analog keys differ from their digital counterparts. The analog keyboard is actuated with points that you can adjust to simulate different levels. For instance, pressing a key lightly makes you walk slow, whereas fully pressing it makes you run in a normal manner. This is a huge benefit for PC gamers however it could make it difficult to control game characters.

An analog keyboard can be used to control speed and turns. Despite the absence of analog controls in PC games certain companies are beginning to add these functions to gaming keyboards. The Wooting one gaming keyboard, for instance features the ability to customize analog functions as well as a tenkeyless design. This means that you can use your righthand to control the number pad while your left hand can be used to operate the WASD keys. It's important to note that analog keyboards don't have this functionality.

Analog keys can only be used in games that support them. Certain games will think you're using a controller if you use the variable WASD keys, or even assign certain functions to non-existent triggers. This problem can be corrected by remapping your Synapse commands. You'll have to spend some time tweaking your setup and learning about the new keys, but the payoff is worth the effort.

The most frequently used controls are the mouse and the keyboard. This combination is very useful in a wide variety of games. However, you can also use a gamingpad to perform these actions. The best way to determine the right gamepad is to read the IGA files for the game you're playing. If your game doesn't support mouse input you can make use of the Steam Input API to enable it. You can also configure your gaming keyboard to allow you to play with different controls.

Keys that can be customized

Razer Blade RGB is an electronic gaming keyboard with 6 Gaming-keys that are fully customizable and backlight control. It also features an exclusive macro key that controls backlight and a Windows-key hardware lock. Although there is a clear error message on the keyboard but I haven't found any price information on this keyboard. Despite the cost, I am interested in knowing the operation.