Buying a Gaming Keyboard on Lazada

When buying a gaming keyboard, you should know what to look for, including the material of the backplate. Are you interested in ABS, PVC, or Metal? What about the Cherry MX Red switch? There are many things to consider. If you are looking to play games with two players, make sure to choose a keyboard with a high n-key rollover. Depending on the application, you may need a different amount of n-key rollover than you would if you are using music composition software.

Metal backplate

A gaming keyboard's backplate is often made of metal. Unlike the PCB on most ordinary keyboards, a metal backplate is stronger and can withstand a lot of abuse. To choose the right backplate, you'll need to look at several things. Here are some factors to consider when buying a gaming keyboard. First, consider the price. More expensive keyboards will typically be more durable. Secondly, make sure to choose a gaming keyboard that is spill-proof.

A gaming keyboard's backplate is where the switches are mounted. Backplates come in a variety of materials, including aluminum and polycarbonate. Each material has pros and cons. The material can affect the durability of the keyboard, as well as the sound it makes when typing. The type of switches you choose can also affect the sound of the backplate. To learn more, check out the pros and cons of each material and choose the one that suits your gaming needs best.

A gaming keyboard with a metal backplate is a good choice for gamers. Its rigidity and durability will last for years to come. However, it will be heavier than a plastic keyboard and may not be spill-resistant. If you plan to use your keyboard for gaming, choose a gaming keyboard with mechanical switches. Plastic keyboards are more affordable but don't have the same durability. They also have higher price tags.


When it comes to keyboards, the most common material is PVC. While PVC is relatively inexpensive, it shows wear and breaks easily. A gaming keyboard made from ABS, however, is more durable. ABS resists natural oils and is more resistant to repeated keystrokes. ABS and metal are the most durable materials for gaming keyboards. PVC keyboards eventually start to deteriorate and develop shiny oily surfaces or worn-out keys.

The switch type is a highly subjective choice. If you're not sure what switch type works best for you, read up on mechanical, membrane, and hybrid keyboards. Mechanical keyboards typically offer a more responsive and accurate feel. Membrane keyboards are less expensive, but don't feel like a mechanical keyboard at all. In addition, they tend to be lighter. Membrane keyboards are more flexible and durable, and some even have a wrist rest.


An ABS gaming keyboard is designed to be as comfortable and responsive as possible. Its smooth, non-clicky action makes it easy to quickly dance your fingers across the keys while playing video games. The enclosure of the keyboard makes it easy to store your gaming mouse on its side, and its wired design helps keep latency to a minimum. There is enough room for your gaming mouse inside the enclosure for optimal convenience and performance. You'll have no problem finding the right keyboard for your needs on Lazada.

An ABS gaming keyboard is typically designed for typing, and its 104-key layout makes it ideal for typing. It also lacks any media buttons, mounted LCD displays, or USB hub. The aesthetics of an ABS keyboard are reminiscent of the interior of a German car. Whether you prefer a mechanical or an ABS keyboard is up to you. There's a good reason for this. ABS keyboards are more expensive than PBT keyboards, but they are worth every penny.

Another difference between PBT and ABS keyboards is the keycap material. ABS keyboards have thinner caps, which means you'll get a lighter typing sound, and ABS keys are cheaper to produce. However, you should avoid cheap ABS keyboards, which tend to become shiny and lose their printed legends after a few months or years of use. PBT keyboards are slightly more expensive than ABS, but they feel similar and have the same texture.

Cherry MX Red switch

The Cherry MX Red gaming keyboard switch is popular among gamers because of its smooth, quiet typing experience. It requires 45 grams of actuation force and a four-millimeter travel distance. Unlike tactile switches, the Cherry MX Red generates flat typing feedback. Because it's linear, there's no feedback until you're below the actuation point. The switches are rated for over 100 million actuations, which means they're ideal for rapid-fire FPS games. You can even listen to audio samples on the company's website to check for yourself.

Cherry MX keyboard switches are also durable and long-lasting. They are tested for actuation resistance and durability under extreme conditions. The switch's stem is attached to two gold contacts on the bottom. These contacts are soldered to the keyboard's printed circuit board. Cherry MX keyboard switches feature a high-precision coil spring to provide resistance and return the key to the unpressed position after each keystroke. However, because Cherry MX switches are expensive, they are not an option for gamers on a budget.

When comparing Red switches, keep in mind that they are made differently by different manufacturers. The Cherry MX Red is the original mechanical switch, and Gateron Reds are its clones. Gateron Reds and Otemu Red are cheap alternatives to Cherry MX Red. These switches are great for gaming and provide a smooth typing experience. The Cherry MX Red is also highly durable, and it is known for its durability.

Ergonomic placement of keys

While choosing a gaming keyboard, you should consider its ergonomic design. While touch typing is an essential part of the computer experience, gaming demands a different hand position. While gamers tend to rest their left index finger on the W key, typists rest their left middle finger on the F key. While the keyboard layout of typists is relatively similar, gamers' hands rest on the F key. The best gaming keyboard design should accommodate both uses.

Many companies claim their gaming keyboards are ergonomic, but this is mostly lip service. These companies simply place a wrist rest on their gaming keyboards, without doing anything else to improve the ergonomics. Moreover, gamers' hand positions may differ from those of typists, so ergonomic designs may not be that necessary. And in the end, these products are not much better than conventional keyboards in terms of typing comfort and efficiency.

For optimal ergonomics, the keys on a gaming keyboard should be in a natural position. In order to reduce strain and internal rotation of the shoulder, the keyboard's alphas should be centered along the middle of the body. This will minimize internal rotation and strain and allow the gamer to use both hands comfortably. Another consideration is the width of a keyboard. The wider the keyboard is, the more column space will be devoted to the right side.


Gaming keyboards with backlighting are especially useful for gamers. Gaming is often played at night in low light conditions, which means it's important to find the right key. Backlighting allows gamers to focus on the game instead of worrying about key placements. These keyboards also have better response times and don't require battery replacement. Backlit keyboards usually cost around $90 or more. Many keyboard manufacturers offer wireless and wired models. Wireless models may include a USB cable for charging.

RGB backlighting can display all the colors visible to the human eye. Many keyboards have lighting presets for each key, making it easy to control the mood of the room. You can also customize the lighting effects of your keyboard with software provided by the manufacturer. You can even expand your customizations to other RGB items connected to your keyboard. Depending on your preference, this feature will greatly improve the aesthetics and usability of your gaming keyboard.

Besides the backlighting feature, you can also control the brightness of the keyboard by pressing the Decrease brightness key. On some laptops, you can use the Decrease brightness key to turn on or off the backlight. It's also worth noting that some laptops feature a dedicated backlight key. Backlighting on gaming keyboards helps you see key locations better. However, it's best to check with the manufacturer before you purchase one.