Buying a Gaming Keyboard and Mouse

If you are looking to buy a gaming keyboard and mouse, you have many options to choose from. The type of gaming you will be doing will determine which key to purchase. Several features to look for include Linear optical switches, built-in LCD track panels, and durability. Then you need to consider your budget. There are literally hundreds of different types of keyboards on the market, so you need to know your exact needs before making your decision.

Linear optical switches

There are two basic types of switches, mechanical and optical. Mechanical switches use a stem that pushes the keycap down and a spring that forces it back up. Linear optical switches, on the other hand, do not use a stem or a spring. They are both linear and tactile, but only optical switches are clicky. Generally, the speed and accuracy of these switches will depend on the manufacturer and model. Some manufacturers claim their switches have a lifespan of 100 million keystrokes.

Both the Razer Huntsman and the SteelSeries X-Force X-Pro have optical switching systems. The latter is slightly more expensive than the former, but it's still a fantastic gaming keyboard. The Razer Huntsman Elite is a fully featured gaming keyboard and has excellent reviews. Razer has a large US headquarters, so you can expect quality products. You'll also be able to customize your keyboard to fit your preference.

The Titan Switch Optical is actuated by light. It features a beam on either side of the stem, which blocks the beam and allows it to pass. When the beam passes through the stem, it recognizes the actuation and sends a signal to the computer. Unlike mechanical switches, Titan switches are designed to have zero debounce and low latency. And they're incredibly durable, with a lifespan of 100 million clicks.

Built-in LCD track panels

If you are looking for a gaming keyboard that will allow you to multitask while playing your favorite games, you may want to check out models that come with built-in LCD track panels. They can display important in-game information and allow you to use the track pad for secondary information. Some of these models even come with mini UIs and hotkeys that are located on the track pad. There are many great features available for your gaming keyboard and mouse.

While gamers love to gloat about the lifespan of their new gaming keyboard and mouse, the truth is that these accessories are not as durable as they seem. Various factors can contribute to a shorter lifespan. For instance, different types of users have different usage patterns and the lifespan of a keyboard or mouse may vary as well. Some things you can do to prolong the life of your gaming keyboard or mouse include cleaning it regularly, avoiding liquid spills and humid environments, and avoiding forcing yourself while typing.

The switches used in gaming keyboards and mice are generally more durable than other parts. This means that they are more likely to survive a gamer's repetitive motion. Nonetheless, you should still pay close attention to the durability of the keyboard or mouse to ensure its optimal performance. Listed below are some things you can look out for in a gaming keyboard or mouse:

The lifespan of a gaming keyboard or mouse will vary depending on its quality. A cheap membrane keyboard may only last for three to five years while a high-quality mechanical keyboard could last for 20 years. A mechanical keyboard is also more durable than a membrane keyboard as you can easily replace the parts that are damaged. Also, look for water and dust resistance for your keyboard. Regular maintenance and cleaning can extend the lifespan of your keyboard or mouse.

Analog action

For competitive gaming, analog action on a gaming keyboard and mouse is invaluable. In some games, such as World of Warcraft, this precision control can make all the difference. The Razer Huntsman V2 Analog keyboard is a superb example of analog gaming keyboard. The keyboard uses analog optical key switches to detect key presses from a distance. The Huntsman V2 Analog features a WASD key pad that can be configured to emulate different aspects of a controller. XInput API support allows Windows to read inputs from the keyboard and mouse as if it were a real Xbox controller.

This feature is especially useful for PC games, where analog input is sorely lacking. For years, PC gamers have been pushing the hardware's boundaries and seeking innovation to improve their gaming experience. Gaming keyboards and mice that use analog input can provide the same level of precision as consoles and controllers and can be used in multiple genres. For example, if you're playing a shooter game, you can use the mouse cursor to move your character and fire your weapon.

In games, analog action on gaming keyboards and mice is incredibly useful for interacting with characters. WASD moves the player forward, backward, strafes left and right, and turns right and left. Mouse controls are also important for looking up or down. Gamepads don't offer the same instant response that a keyboard and mouse can, so the player gets a more visceral feel for every movement.

Cherry MX low profile Red switches

Cherry MX low profile Red switches for gaming keypads and mice are the perfect choice for gamers looking for an all-around high-performance keyboard and mouse. Unlike the tactiles that often lack feedback, Cherry MX low profile Red switches are linear and produce no physical feedback until the key is fully depressed. They are also extremely smooth and quiet, making for fast key presses in the middle of intense gaming sessions.

Compared to Cherry MX Greens, the low-profile Red switches of Cherry MX are much quieter. However, their actuation force is slightly higher. The high actuation force means that the key presses make less noise than the Greens, which are less responsive than the Reds. This difference in actuation force makes them a better choice for gamers who aren't concerned about the smallest of details.

Despite their smaller height, low-profile switches aren't the best choice for customizing a keyboard, as they can collide with the case plate and are hard to modify. Despite the disadvantages, low-profile switches provide excellent gaming performance, but they aren't as tactile as mechanical ones. Moreover, you may be unable to customize the keycaps of a low-profile keyboard or mouse.

Corsair K65 Mini gaming keyboard

The Corsair K65 RGB MINI is a 60% compact keyboard that ditches the numpad, arrow keys, and F-keys for a sleek and portable design. The 60-percent form factor allows for optimal desk space, improved ergonomics, and portability. Unlike traditional keyboards, this compact gaming keyboard is also lighter and more ergonomically sound. And its detachable braided USB Type-C cable means that you can easily carry your keyboard anywhere.

The Corsair K65 RGB MINI comes packaged in a flip-open neon yellow box. It features a product image in the upper-left corner. On the reverse side of the box, you'll find a Corsair logo and the iCUE logo. The K65 RGB MINI mechanical keyboard is shipped with a USB-C to A cable, an alternate ABS spacebar, and the Corsair logo.

The K65 RGB MINI features genuine Cherry MX Speed (Silver) and Red switches for enhanced performance. Its lighting effects are enhanced by an RGB LED embedded within a translucent plastic housing. Moreover, it features a white steel plate underneath the keys to diffuse the lighting. Overall, the Corsair K65 RGB MINI is an excellent gaming keyboard and mouse set. Make sure to check the details before making the purchase.