Which Websites Should You Subscribe To For Gaming News?

If you're in search of gaming news, it's best to read up on the latest developments in the gaming industry. GamesRadar+, Verge and other news outlets provide information, while others focus more heavily on games reviews, mobile and gaming news and casino news. If you're looking for more news about gaming, look into Christ Centered Gamer, and GamesRadar+. But which one should you sign up to? We've compiled the best web sites for you.


In the gaming section of The Verge, you'll find all the latest video games news, reviews, and interviews. The Verge covers everything, from blockbusters to bizarre Nintendo games and consoles to indie gems. You'll find the most recent technologies for video games from PCs to mobile devices. There are also regular awards for gaming like the Best of the Net. You can't rely on reviews alone to determine the best games. They also host interviews with industry experts.

The sequel to the mind-shattering Metroidvania Axiom Verge was again delayed past its original Fall 2020 release date. Although it was initially anticipated that the game would release this summer, the developers have now rescheduled the release date and will launch the game in the summer of 2019.

Axiom Verge, a sequel to Metroid and is being developed by one studio. While the game owes a lot to its source of inspiration, it goes further in finding its own voice. As such, it will have a similar atmosphere to Metroid but is more accessible than its predecessor. This game is a hit with everyone of all ages, and will surely be a huge success.


GamesRadar+ is the official website of the GamesRadar+ gaming community. The site that was previously called GamesRadar is owned by Future plc, which also owns Total Film, SFX, Edge and Computer and Video Games. After a merger with other websites, it was renamed GamesRadar+ on November 2014. The new site focuses on gaming news, reviews, and more and aims to be one stop shop for all your gaming needs.

The website has been publishing the TalkRadar podcast since May 19 2008. It quickly became one of the most popular features on the site. Mikel Repraz and Brett Elston discuss the site's top games each week, respond to questions on forums, and answer calls from fans. The podcast also includes interviews with other prominent figures in gaming. It has been on hiatus since February 2012, and the team plans to bring the podcast back in the near future.

GamesRadar+ hosts numerous articles every day, which include reviews and previews as well as interviews with developers, and more. The website also hosts "Top 7" lists that focus on the negative aspects of videogames as well as the gaming industry. Its "Bad 7" lists have earned it many fans, and cover an array of video game genres, platforms, and players. It has also added an area that is dedicated to news related to games and PC gaming.

While the GamesRadar+ website is packed with general content, it can sometimes have controversy and readers should be wary when reading reviews. It can be hard to find good reviews on popular gaming sites However, destructoid offers excellent content that covers a broad range of topics. The writers are well-informed and have an impressive voice. GamesRadar+'s website offers a healthy balance of gaming news, reviews, and previews of new games.

Game Spot

Subscribe to GameSpot's gaming news, if you love gaming. This site is not to be confused with GameStop. It's the top source for everything gaming. GameSpot covers PC console, console, and mobile games. It also offers impartial reviews, previews, and news. Founded in 1996, the site was purchased by ZDNet, which later became CNET Networks. In 2008, CNET Networks sold GameSpot to Red Ventures, which is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of CBS Interactive. GameSpot allows users to write reviews and participate in discussions on the latest games and films.

In the beginning, Shacknews was all about Quake but it has since grown into a more comprehensive platform that offers a variety of gaming-related video content. Its team is comprised of veteran journalists who are experts in the field of gaming. Although GameSpot is no longer the most well-known site, it still has over 500k followers and an impressive following. There are a variety of other gaming news sites to satisfy your gaming news cravings.

When the gaming community began asking for the site to be rebranded, the site's management decided that the initial staff should remain. The new editorial team decided to move in a different direction but Gerstmann's departure was a result of unusual circumstances and pressure from his publisher. CBS Interactive purchased the site from its former editors. Sadly, the company's new ownership team does not have the same sense of humor as the former staff.

A gaming news site is not complete without forums. GameSpot has forums and news sections for all genres of gaming. The most recent news is constantly posted on the fora where users can voice their opinions and discuss their gaming experiences. There are discussions on various aspects of video gaming , as well as other technologies. It's all worth reading if you wish to stay up to date with the latest developments in the gaming industry. So, start browsing the forums and check out the latest news about the latest gaming news!

Christ-Centered Gamer

It doesn't matter if you're Christian or not you can benefit from reading the Christ-Centered Gamer's critiques. The site's unique rating system for games not just examines the game's playability, but also focuses on its story, framerates and faith. Christ Centered Gamer is not like other review sites and does not have a hidden agenda. It is objective and is free of bias. The reviews on the site can help users make informed choices.

Christ Centered Gamer's reviews focus on lore and gameplay and not moral judgements. Recently, they reviewed the new Battletech game, where the opening line read "Thank you to Paradox Interactive for supplying us with this game!"


As one of the leading online video game news sources, Destructoid is a popular place to look for the most recent video game news. The site has been in existence for over ten years and was established by Yanier Gonzalez. The site is a charity organizer as part of ModernMethod's network. The first charity it organized raised funds to support children who have cancer. It also has an mascot named Mr. Destructoid, who has appeared in a variety of video games.

As an online gaming news site, Destructoid also publishes reviews and ratings for games, which makes it an important source for gaming news. It also provides video and written content, as well as a forum for game fans. GamesRadar+, meanwhile, offers a wide range of gaming news, reviews of the system, hands-on hints at new games, and community discussions.